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Cast List

RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON as USAF Col/Brig. Gen./Maj. Gen. Jonathan J. “Jack” O’Neill
AMANDA TAPPING as USAF Capt./Maj./Lt. Col./Col. Samantha “Sam” Carter, PhD
DON S. DAVIS as USAF Maj. Gen./Lt. Gen. George Hammond
MICHAEL SHANKS as Daniel Jackson, PhD (1st - 5th / 7th season - reunion movies)
CORIN NEMEC as Jonas Quinn (5th - 7th seasons)
BEAU BRIDGES as USAF Maj. Gen. Henry “Hank” Landry (9th season - reunion movies)
BEN BROWDER as USAF Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (9th season - reunion movies)

TERYL ROTHERY as USAF Capt./Maj. Janet Fraiser, MD (1st - 7th seasons +)
CARMEN ARGENZIANO as USAF Maj. Gen. Jacob Carter/Selmak (2nd - 8th seasons)
COLIN CUNNINGHAM as USAF Maj. Paul Davis (2nd season - reunion movies)
DAN SHEA as USAF Sgt./MSgt. Sylvester Siler II
GARY JONES as USAF MSgt./SMSgt./Chief MSgt. Norman Walter Davis (aka Walter Harriman)*
TOM McBEATH as USAF Col. Harold “Harry” Maybourne (1st - 8th seasons)

JAY ACOVONE as USAF Maj. Charles Kawalsky (1st - 3rd / 8th seasons)
BRENT STAIT as USAF Maj. Louis Ferretti (1st season)
LAARA SADIQ as USAF SSgt. Laura Davis (1st - 4th seasons)
ELIZABETH HOFFMAN as Catherine Langford (1st season)
STEVE MAKAJ as USMC Col. Robert Makepeace (1st - 3rd seasons)
KEVIN McNULTY as USAF Maj. William Warner, MD (1st season)
DANIEL BACON as USAF SMSgt. Russell Benson (2nd - 4th seasons)
BILL NIKOLAI as USAF TSgt. Vern Alberts (3rd - 7th seasons)
JASON SCHOMBING as Robert Rothman, PhD (3rd - 4th seasons)
TOBIAS MEHLER as USAF Lt. Graham Simmons (2nd - 6th seasons)
ERIC BREKER as USAF Maj./Lt. Col./Col. Albert Reynolds (2nd season - reunion movies)
RUSSELL FERRIER as USAF Capt./Maj. Michael Griff (4th season)
BILL DOW as Bill Seymour Lee, PhD (4th - 10th seasons)*
ROB LEE as USAF Maj./Lt. Col./Col. Ben Pierce (4th - 8th seasons)
ELISABETH ROSEN as USAF Cadet/2nd Lt. Jennifer Hailey (4th - 5th seasons)
MICHAEL KOPSA as USAF Brig. Gen. Michael Kerrigan (4th - 5th seasons)
GARRY CHALK as Russian Col. Chekov (5th - 10th seasons)
DAVID HEWLETT as Meredith Rodney McKay, PhD (5th - 10th seasons)
INGRID KAVELAARS as USAF Maj. Erin Gant (6th - 7th seasons)
JOHN NOVAK as USAF Col. William Ronson (later Renson) (6th - 7th seasons)
ADAM BALDWIN as USAF Col. Dave Dixon (7th season)
JAMES McDANIEL as USAF Gen. Francis Maynard, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (7th season)
CHRISTOPHER PEARCE as USAF Senior Airman Jake Bosworth (7th - 8th seasons)
DAVID LEWIS as Cameron Balinsky, PhD (7th - 8th seasons)
BARCLAY HOPE as USAF Col. Lionel Pendergast (8th - 9th seasons)
LEXA DOIG as Carolyn Lam, MD (9th - 10th seasons)
MATTHEW GLAVE as USAF Col. Paul Emerson (9th - 10th seasons)
MARTIN CHRISTOPHER as USAF Lt./Capt./Maj. Kevin Marks (9th - 10th seasons)
RONNY COX as Senator/Vice President Robert Kinsey (1st - 8th seasons)
JOHN de LANCIE as USAF Col. Frank Simmons (5th - 6th seasons)
ROBERT WISDEN as USAF Maj./Lt. Col. Bert Samuels (1st - 2nd / 8th seasons)

NEIL DENIS as Rya’c (1st - 8th seasons)
SALLI RICHARDSON/BROOK PARKER as Drey’auc (1st - 5th seasons)
OBI NDEFO as Rak’nor (4th - 9th seasons)
MICHAEL ADAMTHWAITE as Her’ak (6th - 7th seasons)
JOLENE BLALOCK as Ishta (7th - 8th seasons)
LOUIS GOSSETT, JR as Gerak (9th season)
TONY TODD as Haikon (9th season)

PETER WILLIAMS as Apophis (1st - 8th seasons/reunion movies)
VAITIARE BANDERA as Sha’re/Ammonet (1st - 3rd seasons)
ALEX CRUZ as Skaara/Klorel (1st - 6th seasons)
SUANNE BRAUN as Hathor (1st - 3rd seasons)
DOUGLAS H. ARTHURS as Heru-ur (2nd - 4th seasons)
JACQUELINE SAMUDA as Nirrti (3rd - 6th seasons/reunion movies)
VINCE CRESTEJO as Yu-huang Shang Ti (3rd - 8th seasons/reunion movies)
RON HALDER as Cronus (3rd - 4th seasons/reunion movies)
KEVIN DURAND as Zipacna (3rd - 5th seasons)
ANNA-LOUISE PLOWMAN as Sarah Gardner, PhD/Osiris (4th - 7th seasons)
PETER WINGFIELD as Hebron/Tanith (4th - 5th seasons)
CLIFF SIMON as Ba'al (5th season - reunion movies)
DAVID PALFFY as Sokar (2nd - 3rd seasons)
DAVID PALFFY as Anubis (5th - 7th seasons)

J. R. BOURNE as Martouf/Lantesh (2nd - 4th seasons +)
WILLIAM DeVRY as Aldwin (3rd - 5th seasons)
VANESSA ANGEL as Freya/Anise (4th season)
JENNIFER CALVERT as Ren’al (5th season)
PETER STEBBINGS as Malek (6th season)

GARWIN SANFORD as Narim (1st - 5th seasons)
MARIE STILLIN as High Chancellor Travell (3rd - 5th seasons)

GILLIAN BARBER as Ambassador/First Minister Dreylock (6th - 7th seasons)
DOUG ABRAHAMS as Commander Hale (6th - 7th seasons)

ERICK AVARI as Kasuf (2nd - 4th seasons)
KATIE STUART/COLLEEN RENNISON as Cassandra “Cassie” Fraiser (1st - 5th seasons)
FRIDA BETRANI as Lya (1st - 3rd seasons)
KENDALL CROSS as Julia Donovan (6th - 10th seasons)
PETER FLEMING as NID Agent Malcolm Barrett (5th - 10th seasons)
AARON PEARL as young Lt. George Hammond (guest–2nd season)
CHRISTINE KENNEDY as young Samantha Carter (guest–3rd season)
MICHAEL WELCH as young Jack O’Neill (guest–7th season)
ROBERT PICARDO as NID Agent Richard Woolsey (7th - 10th seasons)
MEL HARRIS as Oma Desala (5th / 8th seasons)
PATRICK CURRIE as Fifth (6th - 8th seasons)
WILLIAM DEVANE as President Henry Hayes (7th season/reunion movies)
DAVID DeLUISE as Peter Shanahan (7th - 8th seasons)
CLAUDIA BLACK as Vala Mal Doran (8th season - reunion movies)
MORENA BACCARIN as Adria (10th season)

*Seymour Lee was how name appeared on the Sci-Fi site (despite that Daniel clearly calls yells "Run Bill" in Evolution, part II) / Gary Jones’ technician name was billed differently over the various seasons.

Many of Stargate’s regulars also appeared as guests in the show The Marshal.
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