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This is a short fic I started after seeing "Heroes, Part II."  It is a rather sad, disjointed little tale.  Someday I will expand it, but who knows when that will be (I'm much better at reading fanfic than writing it <lol>)

The usual disclaimers: I own nothing.  Just borrowing the characters for a bit...

The Heart of the Matter

A “missing” scenes vignette from the episode “Heroes, Part II”

      Sam’s heart stopped.
      Standing in the middle of the fire-fight on P3X-666 she saw Jack being hit by the staff blast and her heart just stopped.  She yelled “Sir!”  Then, disregarding proper military procedure and her own safety, she took off running.
      She had to know how bad he was hurt.  Time seemed to stand still as she covered the distance to where he’d fallen.  He was lying so still!  The battle continued to wage on around her, but she paid it no attention.
       Finally she reached him.  Amazingly, her hand was steady as she reached out…
       A pulse!  The sensation of his blood rushing through his carotid artery brought such a rush of relief.  He was still alive!
       She became aware of the sounds and movement going on around her again.  She was filled with such happiness she actually smiled right there on the battlefield.  Sam would always feel guilty that at that exact moment of such profound relief her best friend died.
       She heard Daniel’s voice amid confused shouting over the radio, but it took her a moment to comprehend what he was saying.  “Medic!  I need a medic.  Fraiser’s hit!”


       The next thirty minutes passed in a blur of activity.  They managed to secure the wounded and make their way back through the gate to Stargate Command.
       Dr. Warner met them in the gateroom.  He quickly examined Jack who was still unconscious.  During his triage assessment he glanced up and met Sam’s eyes.  Seeing the question in them, he shrugged his shoulders.  “Let’s get him to the infirmary!” he ordered.
       As the Airmen took over stretcher duties, he asked Sam simply, “Janet?”  Fighting back tears, she shook her head.  His eyes clouded with pain for a moment.  Then he gave a single nod to acknowledge he understood and turned to follow his patient.

       General Hammond had been standing nearby only half-listening to the verbal reports Dr. Jackson and Colonel Dixon were giving.  When he noticed Dr. Warner leave, he walked over to where Sam stood.  “I’ll debrief Colonel Dixon and his team now.  Be back in two hours.”   He didn’t envy her the task ahead.
       Echoing Dr. Warner, Sam nodded once.  She then squared her shoulders and left the gateroom.


     Sam didn’t take the time to shower.  She stowed her weapons, simply grabbed her car keys and headed for the elevator.  Lost in thought, she failed to see Emmett Bregman and his camera crew until they were upon her.
scene stills from Heroes Part II
     “What happened?” he asked
     “Please..” she couldn’t think with that light in her eyes.
     “Now I know that at least one person was injured back there.”
     Sam lost it.  She started to tell him to go to hell, then shouted “Leave me alone.”  Looking at the cameraman she added, “And shut that damn thing off!”
     She managed to make it through the door.  It shut behind her and she was finally free.
     Her only thought was how in the world was she supposed to tell Cassie her mother was dead?


       Four hours later, Sam was feeling numb.  She’d just finished giving her verbal statement and now had to go to her lab to prepare her written one.  But that didn’t mean she couldn’t make one quick stop first.
       She detoured to the infirmary.  Cassie was perched on a stool at Jack’s bedside.  Sam paused in the doorway.  Sensing the movement, Cassie turned.  Her face bore the aftereffects of several crying jags.  She silently got up and crossed to Sam.  “I always thought one day that it would be Mom telling me that you or Jack were gone.  I never thought anything would happen to her.”  Overcome anew with tears, she sobbed on Sam’s shoulder.
       Sam glanced up and met Jack’s eyes.  His were filled with pain, both physical and psychological.  They starred at one another as the young woman wept.   When Cassie’s anguish at last subsided for the moment, she bit her lip.  “What am I going to do now?” she asked Sam.
       “You don’t have to decide that right now,” Jack said quietly.
       Cassie’s whipped around.  “You’re supposed to be resting.  Doctor’s orders.”
       He gave a half-smile which turned into a wince.  God he hated being on painkillers.  They fuzzed his brain.  What time was it?  How long had it been since he’d first awoken to hear the news about Janet?  Cassie must not have even left his side while he slept.  He shook his head in a futile effort to clear the drug’s hold.
       “…so I’m going to call Agent Barrett.”  He caught only the tail end of Sam’s sentence.
       “Good.  That’s good.”  He was fighting the urge to fall back asleep.
       He managed to open his eyes on final time as Cassie fussed with his sheets.  He wished there was something he could for her.   He loved her.  Despite his best efforts, she’d burrowed his way into his heart when Teal’c and Sam had found her, all alone on her planet.
       But there was nothing he could do.  No way to ease her pain.
       His eyes sought Sam’s again.   Another lady he loved, though hardly in the same way he loved Cassie.  He harbored no fatherly instincts for his major.  “Take good care of her.”
       Though it wasn’t an order, Sam answered anyway.  “Yes, sir.”
       Jack fell asleep disparaging that single word and all the circumstances it represented.
       And wishing she could call him Jack again.


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